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 Kerala Food Facts


There is a wide variety of traditional food available in India and food choices of people vary from north to south. The main food crop of north India is Wheat, where as the south Indians prefer rice most.

 Rotis and Parathas are the main cuisines made from wheat in North region. Usually Parathas and Rotis are served with dal; other veg and non-veg curries are also used with these food items. Rice preparations rule the south Indian culinary.

A typical south Indian meal would include rice served with regional curries like sambhar, rasam , curd, pickles and other vegetable curries (regionally known as thorans and upperis). Apart from these, all varieties of delicacies from Chinese to continental are available in hotels and restaurants across the country.

Things you should care while eating out

  • Be careful to wash your hands before you eat.
  • Wipe out plates with a clean towel before start
  • Don’t eat from restaurants that serve old food.
  • Eat food only if it is served hot. Avoid lukewarm food.
  • Avoid Tourist buffets where food remains in the open space for long.
  • Don’t eat western and Chinese cuisine from local restaurants. Eat them from major star hotels.
  • Bring some of your favorite food items with you as you may take a little time to adapt to the Indian food.
  • Don’t drink from glasses that are dirty. It is better to carry a bottled water of some reliable brand.


  • Perhaps no other cuisine in the world can lay claim to an intricate, extensive and holistic culinary experience as Kerala. In the cuisine of this land can be found traces of its eventful history, the richness of its culture, the singularity of its geography and the openness of its people.Once the world's important spice trading hub, Kerala's cuisine carries with it whiff of history.
  • Thattu Kada- No part in Kerala can you pass by without noticing these little corner open delis. They are known as the 'Thattu kada' where you can stop to have hot delicious thattu dosas, Egg Omelet etc.
  • There are special dishes in Kerala. The all time favorites are Kappa and meen curry ( Tapioca and fish curry), Appam and stew, Puttu and kadala, Porotta and chicken,Karimeen Pollichathu -- A fish delicacy using Pearl Spot fish locally known as Karimeen. Malabar biriyani and Sadya.
  • Snack like plantain fritters fried in oil (pazham pori), delicious rice cakes stuffed with shredded coconut and brown sugar (ada), steamed rice dumplings stuffed with sweetened coconut (kozhukatta), crispy and crunchy rolls of rice flour and grated coconut (kuzhalappam), conical hat-shaped snacks filled with grated coconut and brown sugar (churuttu) and flower shaped snacks (Achappam) in Kerala reflect the fun loving, easy going, festivity centered lifestyle of traditional Kerala.


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