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Kerala Tourism - Guruvayoor

Guruvayoor is internationally known for its fabled Sree Krishna Temple, the fourth largest Hindu pilgrim centre in the country. Legend has it that when Lord Krishna left this world, his kingdom - Dwaraka was submerged in the ocean. Guru, Preceptor of the Gods, and Vayu, Lord of the Winds, came upon an icon of Krishna floating in the water. They saved it, brought it to Kerala, and installed it at the place where the temple now stands today.

The deity is, therefore, locally known as Guruvayoorappan. The temple has an outer enclosure (Chuttambalam in which is a Dhwajasthambam, a 35.5 meter high gold-"plated flag-post. There is also a 7-metre high Deepa-sthambam (pillar of lamps) with 13 circular receptacles. When the lamps are lit, the sight turns truly spectacular. The temple never fails to attract huge gatherings

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