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Kerala - Idukki


Idukki is one of the largest districts in Kerala as it constitutes 12.3 percent of the total area of state ; but is scarcely populated with only comprising 3% of the population. Idukki is a high range district with green capped mountains and dense forests; these features make Idukki an interesting place for tourists. The district consists of four taluks viz. Devikulam, Udumbanchola, Peermedu and Thodupuzha

Idukki dam is a must watch and it is the largest arched dam in Asia. More than 60% of power in the state is generated from the power projects in the Idukki districts. The river Pamba originates from the mountains of Idukki. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is another tourist hotspot and it is home to a wide variety of animals such as elephant, bison, sambhar, deer etc.

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