Visa & Currency


If you are a foreigner, it is mandatory to possess an Indian visa as it is an important document. In case you failed to submit visa in front of authorities, you might be detained or send back to your country. It is also imperative to posses a passport which is at least valid for six months from the date of your departure. Generally visa is valid for six months, but it may vary depending on the rules of your nationality. You may apply for a collective visa if you are traveling in a group of not less than 4 people and are being dealt by a recognized travel agency. The visa fees are usually non-refundable and may change without prior notice. Contact your embassy for further details. There are different types of visas available.

Types of Visa

  • Tourist Visa - In case you are touring India.
  • Student Visa - Given to students coming to India for studies.
  • Employment Visa - Given to professionals coming to work in India.
  • Transit Visa - For passengers who have to go through India to some other destination.
  • Missionary Visa - For those who have to India as missionaries.
  • Business Visa - Issued to those who have come to India on business purpose.
  • Journalist Visa - Issued to journalists and photographers who come for professional purpose.
  • Research Visa - Issued for professionals who for research work.

It is also advisable to carry an identity card, in case some security personnel ask you to prove your identity. The most important documents that you should carry while traveling in another country are Visa, passport and an Identity card.


Indian currency is called Rupees. Rupees are available in the denominations of Re.1, Rs.2, Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.2000. 1 Rupee is equivalent to 100 paise and there are coins of 50 paise and 1 Re., 2 Re. 5 Re. and 10 Re. You can approach well known banks to convert your currency and issue checks since some of the banks will not accept traveler’s cheque.

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