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Almaty, Dhaka cet gmtAfrica gmtEurope greenland Ekaterinburg hawai kabul tehran africa-gmt+2 africGmt+1 Perth,Phillipines,Brunei, Taipei,Ho Chi Ming City alaska pacific time Mountain Time central time Eastern Time Atlantic Time Newfoundland bogota,lima,quito caracas,la paz brasilia,buenos aires Moscow Nairobi,Kwait,Baghad Tbilisi,Baku Islambad,Karachi,Tashkent Bombay,Calcuta Beijing,Chongquing, HongKong Bangkok,Hanoi,Jakarta Yakutsk Vladivostok Osaka, Sapporo, Seoul,Tokyo Adelaide,Darwin Camberra, Melbourne, Guam Magadan Kamchatka Marshall Islands Abu Dhabi atenas,estambul tehran

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