India - an ancient sub -continent, a land that attracted many from far and near for knowledge and trade. A land sheltered by the mighty Himalayas , fed by great rivers, with a coastline of fine beaches, a land of many colours - mountains and deserts, plains and plateaus, populated by numerous ethnic groups speaking dialects and languages, believing in philosophies and practicing religions. A land of stories and myths that can be untiringly explored with enthusiasm time and time again.
  Today 28 states form the Republic of India. Choose any part of India - east , west, north, south or central - there is much that can be seen in just a part of each
  Over five millenniums faiths and beliefs of various people who lived together for most of the time in great tolerance and harmony, held the land together with art and architecture. Invaders and traders carved Empires for themselves and added to the flavor of the land with their religion and art.