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Karunagappally Tourism at a glance.

Karunagappally located 27 kms from Kollam town. Karunagappally is a municipality of Kollam. It’s a place with beautiful backwaters,resorts, beaches(where river meets sea) 

There however is another claim that ‘Palli’ is a term with Buddhist roots and that Karungappally was a Buddhist settlement in early times and that the name has its origin in a famous Buddhist education centre in the area. It is also argued that nearby Karthigappally and Mynagappally too were Buddhist centres of learning. Remnants suggesting a Buddhist past of the place have been found in many locations here. From Puthenkulam (the pond of the Budha) at Maruturkulangara in Karungappally taluk idol of the Buddha discovered. The idol cut out of a single piece of rock was first installed Karunagappally town and after many years, reinstalled in the compound of the Krishnapuram palace which is now an archeological monument. Some scholars are of the conjectural opinion that the statue is of the 7th century.

Padanayarkulangara, a major temple with some historical value is in Karunagappally. Once Padanayarkulangara was one of the military stations of Kayamkulam Raja.Kayamkulam, Mavelikkara and Karunagappally were previously known as Onattukara.

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