Guruvayur Temple Timing

Guruvayur temple follows an elaborate system of rites, which according to tradition, is traced to Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The temple is open at 3 am and closes after the day's poojas and rituals around 10 pm. Normally there are five poojas and three circumambulatory (pradakśina) processions called Sreeveli of deity on elephant around the temple. [...]

Guruvayur Temple Custom

Guruvayur Temple Custom, Do and Don’ts? Entry is restricted to those who profess the Hindu religion. Do not enter the temple wearing shirt, banyan, pyjama, lungi, chequered clothes, chapels etc. The dress code for men is Dhoti with or without Angavastra. The dress codes for women are Salavar sets, Sarees, Dhoties, Leggings or Pavadas with [...]

Meeting and Conference at Kerala

Meeting and Conference at Kerala We provide all-inclusive online and full-service travel solutions to satisfy the varied travel needs of companies and corporations. Our experience in tour management will help you to cut costs significantly and keep all the fuss away. At Indigenous, your satisfaction is always our priority. We understand that interests of a […]


Health Tourism is growing in popularity among tourists with India holding the tag of being a hot destination for health tourism. People are becoming more and more health conscious and are on the look out for natural ways to keep healthy and fit. Many resorts and hotels cash in on this and offer many therapies [...]

Attukal Pongala

Trivandrum , Kerala  Attukal Ponkala Mahotsavam 2019 February 20, 2019 Wednesday 10.15 Am – Lighting of the Pongala Hearths 02.15 Pm – Sanctification of Pongala Ponkala is the most important festival of Attukal Bhagavathy Temple. The offering of Ponkala is a very special temple practice in the southern part of Kerala. The ten-day- long celebration […]

Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur is best known for its mammoth Pooram Festival, which is the most colourful and spectacular temple festival of Kerala. Thrissur Pooram, attracts large masses of devotees and spectators form all parts of the State and even outside.The legends and myths behind each festival of Kerala are many, varied and equally interesting. Since the word […]


  Visa & Currency Visa If you are a foreigner, it is mandatory to possess an Indian visa as it is an important document. In case you failed to submit visa in front of authorities, you might be detained or send back to your country. It is also imperative to posses a passport which is at […]


Kerala Food Facts Food There is a wide variety of traditional food available in India and food choices of people vary from north to south. The main food crop of north India is Wheat, where as the south Indians prefer rice most. Rotis and Parathas are the main cuisines made from wheat in North region. [...]


Home to a large number of temples, churches and mosques, Kerala serves as a wonderful example of unity in diversity. Here, different festivals are celebrated year-round. Let it be temple festivals, carnivals of churches or any other ceremonious occasion - every festive occasion in Kerala is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety. The colorful festivals [...]

Kerala climate-and-clothing

Climate and Clothing Climate Stretching over a wide geographical scale and varied topography, India’s climate is diverse. Lying north to the equator, India’s climate is largely temperate with Southern State being warmer compared to other parts. India also gets a maritime as the nation being a peninsula with sea bordering three sides.The duration of summer [...]